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Avenue Q

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Ever felt like The Muppets was good, but really needed a spicy sex scene? Or that Sesame Street had a certain aesthetic appeal, but that its discussion of race-relations was naive and, frankly, boringly inoffensive? Well, incredibly, you're not alone! And what's more, the market has moved to meet the demand. The result is Avenue Q: an irreverent musical comedy where the humour is adult and the cast are (mostly) puppets.

Viewer discretion is advised for this particular Tony Award-winning musical.

Production Team

Director Leah Osburn
Musical Director Malcom Huddle
Choreographer Leah Osburn
Assistant Director Kristina Doucouliagos


Princeton / Rod Josh Pratt
Kate / Lucy Amanda Rotberg
Nicky / Trekkie Joel Norman-Hade
Christmas Eve Ebony Erez
Brian Dan Bellis
Gary Coleman Jessica Kaplonyi
Bad Idea Bear Alexandria Avery
Bad Idea Bear Chris Hunter